SatoshiStreetBets Social Media Links (Telegram is @SSBtalk)

1 min readFeb 26, 2021


Hi gang,

We’re seeing a LOT of fake social media links cropping up using the SatoshiStreetBets name and often promoting junk or even scams. We’ve also seen fake channels with people impersonating our team members, so please stay safe! Below is a list of all the official SatoshiStreetBets social media platforms:

SatoshiStreetBets Reddit:

SatoshiStreetBets Telegram:

SatoshiStreetBets Twitter:

SatoshiStree Bets Discord:

SatoshiStreetBets Youtube:

SatoshiStreetBets Facebook:

SatoshiStreetBets website:

Beware, any other links on Telegram, Youtube, Discord or Facebook which don’t match the above are 100% FAKE.

Also for SatoshiSwap the cryptocurrency of SatoshiStreetBets, these are the only real links as of today:

SatoshiSwap website:

SatoshiSwap Twitter:

Proof can be found directly from these moderator announcements on r/SatoshiStreetBets:

If we join anymore social medium platforms, we will always announce it on our Twitter, Discord and Reddit accounts so it’s verified. Stay safe!

To the moon!